Value Proposition

Demand Driven

The international patent marketplace is evolving rapidly. However, unlike markets in stocks, bonds and foreign exchange, the patent market is relatively illiquid. As patents are unique properties, at any given point in time the number of buyers is limited. It is a demand-pull, not a supply-push market. Knowing the up-to-date IP demand is essential to successful transaction execution.

Private Placement

Equally important, due to the strategic nature of patent assets, this is a market that values anonymity. Confidentiality in the acquisition process is critical. As a result, the majority of patent transactions are executed on a private basis. At DynaIP search, buy and sell inquiries are discrete. Patent assets are placed privately.

Price Optimization

DynaIP's worldwide relationships in many industries drive maximum visibility and interest among qualified buyers. We maximize patent yield, delivering the highest returns available in this market at any given time.

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